Walking on Water

Whether it is canoeing the Coldwater Creek in Florida (which my father, brother and I did last summer) or traveling to Tzartus Island to build a worship center, I love adventures. Like I said in my previous post, I like to see how far the human body and mind, specifically my own, can be pushed.

During my time on Tzartus Island, it rained on us while we worked 12 hour days for a week, but the majority of the people I was with were able to push through the discomfort and physical strain. We were even able to find a sort of happiness in our work, or at least I was.Ed Stafford

But Ed Stafford makes building a worship center in the rain look like child’s play when it comes to endurance of difficult circumstances. Stafford is attempting to walk the length of the Amazon river. That’s right, WALK the Amazon river.  I know a family that lives in Quito Ecuador and from their description of a foray into the jungle there, if the bugs don’t eat every inch of your skin, they will drive you mad with their humming and buzzing.

According to Stafford’s blog, Walking the Amazon, he has been trekking for 453 days and still has a ways to go.  We need more adventurers like Stafford. The “because it’s there” mindset seems to have waned as of late. It is good to see there are still spirits out there who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

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