The Race of Life

I’ve been reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it’s a thrilling tale.  If you don’t enjoy running, this book might convince you too start; not because you’ll lose weight, not because it is good for you, but just becaust it’s fun.

That is the philosophy many characters in the book, including Jenn Shelton. Shelton, who readers first encounter punch drunk on tequilla, seems to embody the idea of a freespirt. She is a beat poet at heart and doesn’t run for any other reason besides the fact that it is enjoyable. Aparantly someone at one of the best magazines on newsstands, Outside, has read McDougall’s book, or is big into the ultramarathon scene becuase Shelton is featured in this month’s issue. The story isn’t online yet but you can check out Outside’s slideshow of her here. Did I mention that she’s pretty cute as well?

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