Back to our Roots

Everyday I am more impressed with the human animal. Sure, we are capable of great evil, but I think we are even more capable of great good. Whether that is saving a stranger in a disaster or running a sub four-minute mile.

(I’M ABOUT TO GET ON A SOAPBOX) I love technology, I mean, I’m blogging right now and listening to my iPod. But I think there are also major flaws with it. Technology has outpaced our physical and mental evolution and that can create problems.

Fortunately, there is a whole movement that subscribes to the view that less is more. Less processed food, less equipment for exercising, less stress in our lives. (OFF THE SOAPBOX) There are few organizations that not only apply this thinking, but have the MODERN science to back it up.

The first two organizations have one simply piece of advice for adults out there who are sick of the grind: play. There is even a National Institute for Play. Whether it is imaginative, social or physical play, the advocate for people to go back to their childhood roots and just play for the sake of play. Remember when you were a kid crawling through your yard playing cowboyds and indians, or playing football with the neighborhood gang, or just a strait up footrace. Whatever you were doing, there was probably a huge smile on your face while you were doing it. That is because you were just enjoying yourself.

The other school of thought I’ve been following deals more with fitness, but subscribes to the same, minimalist, return to childhood wonderment. Play, in groups, barefooted and enjoy the feeling of the ground under your feet, the wind on your face and the sweat on your brow. Enjoy being a human.

Thanks for giving me the indulgence of talking about what I view as right. God bless the Internet.

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