Texting gets grown up, kind of

My mom use to spend some of her free time writing letters to family and friends. She would buy nice stationary and fill three or four pages with stories about what was going on in our lives.

She hasn’t done that in a while because now she has learned how to use e-mail. Most recently, she has learned to use text messages, boiling down her once flowing letters to 160 characters. (Twitter is still not part of her vocabulary, luckily.)

Since even my mom is using text messages, it makes sense that local governments are starting to allow residents to text the 911 emergency response service.


As others have pointed out, this could be a life saver for the deaf or for people in situations where they can’t talk.

This new technology obviously presents some hurdles. Now operators who work at 911 will have to learn the parlance of texting. And thankfully Rescue 911 is no longer on the air, because reading OMG kiddnapped! is a lot less entertaining that hearing the actuall 911 call.

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