Turn on, plug in, drop out

In the words of Kurt Vonnegut and in the vein of the last post, go on, call me a Luddite. Technology has made my life extremely convenient, but it seems it can also be addicting. Cell phones, e-mail and Internet publishing are all highs that if not feed often enough, cause me to go into withdrawals. I start sweating, wondering what could be sitting in my inbox. An alert about my bank account? Some urgent press release for work? Naked pictures of Dick Cheney’s daughter? All possibilities. It is the kind of addiction that drives me to walk a mile in freezing weather to get my high.

Since moving to Bowling Green I have had to ride out some delirious tremens, especially in the late evening. I’m in a stopgap apartment so investing in the Internet isn’t an option at this point. And I don’t plan on getting cable. It’s something that eats your soul while at the same time convincing you the world is all sunshine and whiskey rivers. As the days pass by the tremors lessen. Hallucinations of twitter feeds and instant messages are becoming less intense.

I still haven’t kicked the technology temptress, and I don’t want to.  She is too damn alluring for that. But she is no longer calling the shots. We are at least on equal footing, for the time being. I’m sure she’ll clime climb back on top at some point. I’ll willingly let her, knowing it isn’t good for me. Watching the seduction will only quicken the process. Until then.

1 comment
  1. Patrick said:

    Two things:
    1) This piece fits well with something that has bothered me lately: I am impatient, and I believe it is fostered by the convenience and immediacy of modern life. I don’t know how to wait for anything, and if I don’t get what I want NOW, I can barely cope. That needs to change.

    2) Why would you want pictures of Dick Cheney’s daughter? Is there something you’re not telling us?

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