Heil Fuehrer Santa

I’m not going to apologize for the lack of posts here. I have my first full-time job and no Internet at home. Get over it. Forward we go.

It’s Christmas eve. Hooray, all the greedy boys and girls will get presents tomorrow, despite this going against Santa’s naughty act of 1856. Santa, you’ve sold out. What did it take? A better sleigh? A beach house in Aruba? An island in Dubai?

Fat Judas.

Now instead of presents being handed out based on moral merit, it seems you give to the rich and deny the poor. In fact, I think I saw you at a teabagger protest of the health care overhaul.

You must of stole some Nazi gold and are still riding high on that blood money. No wonder you’re North Pole Nation is the only one where slavery is still legal. Your workshop is a modern day Peenemunde. How can people be so blind? Wearing red, white and black, you might as well have a swastika armband as well.

My family isn’t poor so I assume you might try and make a trip down our chimney. I’ll be waiting for you, 12-gauge in hand. My grandpa was a Nazi killer and I’m more than happy to join his ranks. Cookies, milk and buckshot.

Ho ho ho

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