We the surface broad surveying, we the virgin soil upheaving

339 and counting. That is how many days I have left on the lease at my current address. I want to move to the country side in 338 days. Unfortunately, that cost money, and my current job isn’t a gold mine. So today begins the first day of fighting back against consumerism. To date, I’ve lost battles in some of the most horrible ways. Gruesome injuries and deaths of fellow soldiers have beset me. Take the battle of the latte as an example. I spend between $90 and $120 at one coffee shop per month. Not only is that glutinous, but it is a huge chunk of change that I could be stashing away for a down payment on a few acres in the country. With that money saved, I’ve got about $1,200 towards my goal, not a small amount for me.

In addition to putting money in the bank for a farm, this reduction in spending will also serve as a reduction in my participation of a system that is morally bankrupt. Thus redemption by thrift becomes a triumph.

That’s the plan at least.

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