Superman does good, you’re doing well

As of late, my post here have been fairly negative. I’m sure that speaks volumes about me. But I’m just a reaction to the culture that surrounds me. As constant commenter Patrick said over brunch recently, you can blame everything on society.

I’m not trying to blame anyone (looking at you society) for the anger, some might call it indignation, of the past post. I think it’s justified. Now for some levity.

The biggest challenge for me in the morning, remembering to grab a towel from the closet. It happened to me today. After a great, hot shower, I slid open the door to the tub and I’m faced with a cold, naked shuffle down the hall to get a towel. I’m sure it is a sight to see, and subsequently laugh at.

Also on a positive note, my injuries are slowly but surely healing! Hoorah! Now I just have to control my compulsion to dive full speed back into my exercise routine.

Word of the day silviculture. An imaginary prize will be given to the first person to post the correct definition in the comments section. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony in my imagination later today.

  1. Patrick said:

    I think it’s just forestry, right?

    • Andrew Thomason said:

      Congrats on your victory. You will be made a General in my imaginary army. Please be at my imagination by 3:45 for a briefing followed by the ceremony at 4.

      • Patrick said:

        Can we make it 4:00? I’m getting my nails done at 3:30.

  2. Kraig said:

    Correction Patrick. I believe the correct definition of silviculture is the cultural phenomenon that occurs when entire populations of adolescent goldfish suddenly turn silver after they all simultanesouly engage in fish coitus for the first time. The mind bending event that is silviculture leaves the new silverfish awaiting their next transformation known to the masses as bronziculture. This, of course, occurs when the silverfish achieve semi-human status by swimming/crawling forth from the ocean and morphing into bronze statues of the Greek gods. These statues are referred to as semi-human due to the human ability of movement they are each granted on the 32nd day of the 13th month of the 101st year of every century.

    I’d check you dictionary before answering again Patrick.

    • Andrew Thomason said:

      Kraig, while this definition is correct in some universe, it isn’t here. I appreciate your exploration of other universes’ dictionaries and apologize for not specifying which universes’ definitions contestants were suppose to use. Still, Patrick is the winner. Better luck on the next go around!

  3. Andrew Thomason said:

    Patrick :

    Can we make it 4:00? I’m getting my nails done at 3:30.

    If we push it back you will only be granted the distinction of Colonel. Your choice

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