The best part of waking up…

I’m a huge fan of food. I know that in once sense of that statement, all living creatures are huge fans of food. But when I say I’m a huge fan of food, I’m not simply talking about the act of eating, though I love that too. I like the way food looks. I like the time and effort that goes into preparing food. I like the community that a good meal (or bad meal for that matter) creates.

It’s partly this love of food that has led me to develop a passion for nature. I want the most pristine food available, and that only comes from land that hasn’t been raped and pillage by capitalist vikings. Like usual, I digress.

One food I really love and am addicted to is coffee. Espresso, lattes, Americanos, drip coffee, french press, I love it all. (Except for percolated coffee, that is nasty and a bastardization of the bean)

I’m not the only one. “Coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in the world, after oil,” writes Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal.

Get out of the way Jethro, there’s a new black gold in town, and it isn’t toxic Texas tea. Turns out coffee is good for you.

Looking at articles and investigations from the Archives of Internal Medicine, coffee seems like a wonder drug, or at least a positive for health.

Lowered risk for Type 2 Diabetes and a plethora of cancers are both associated with my third favorite drink (Bourbon and water taking number 1 and 2 respectively).

The haters out there will bring up the fact that caffeine is associated with higher blood pressure and anxiety and blah blah blah. What’s it like judge us mere mortals from Mt. Olympus? Is it fun passing judgment on us?

Caffeine might not be “good” for you. But it isn’t necessarily harmful. Just like Bourbon, too much of a good thing type of situation. I’ll gladly take the ills with the good and hope they offset each other.


I’m aware this is bad blogging form. Maybe that’s why I’m doing it. Regardless. An update on this story, actually it’s more of a supplement. The most expensive coffee beans in the world.

  1. Patrick said:

    Caffeine is good for runners because it helps your body burn fat before glycogen. Taken 3-4 hours before a long run, caffeine can help runners avoid “the wall” by offering a smoother transition between the burning of the two bodily energy sources.

    The More You Know©

    • Andrew Thomason said:

      Knowing is half the battle! Goooooo Joe!

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