A link to my dream

Here is my dream. It’s basically what I want to happen with my life. Here’s a link to their Web site. We’ll see. Donations can be made by sending cash and checks 1315 Chestnut, Apt. 4 Bowling Green, Ky 42101

It’s good that the “mainstream” media is taking at look at the issue of factory farming. It is something that needed to happen. Hopefully this will focus an older, more financially and politically influential segment of the population to cry for real change. I mean, let’s face it, the people who read blogs about how harmful antibiotics and genetic manipulation are to animals are probably not the most influential group. We might have numbers, but it seems anymore numbers don’t count. Especially when those numbers hardly meet up outside of the confines of the Internet.

Another, more general look at our food system’s problems. It’s an interview with Michael Pollan, one of the most lucid, blunt proponents of dismantling the current corporate food industry.

I know there isn’t much personal substance in this post, but damn it, I’ve got an actual job. Start paying me and you’ll get better post.

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