Is this the most important post ever?

This is the kind of hyperbole that I love and hate. “Is soda the new tobacco?” It’s an article in what I consider the pinnacle of daily newspapers, the NY Times. It also seems like a headline fit for Fox News, the nadir of journalism.

Oh well, it’s written by a columnist, and there are disclaimers saying that no, soda is not as addictive as nicotine. And it won’t give you lung cancer (but maybe some other cancers, especially if you drink the stuff with substitute sweeteners.) But it will make you fat, which is just as dangerous to your health.*

*This claim has no scientific backing and is not endorsed by the Federal Drug Administration.

I think the majority of people know that, just like they know smoking is bad for you. But like smoking, our ape brains can’t say no to those boosts in feel good chemicals. Nothing new here. What leaped off the page at me, and what scares me more than anything is this sentence:

The problem is that at roughly 50 gallons per person per year, our consumption of soda, not to mention other sugar-sweetened beverages, is far from moderate, and appears to be an important factor in the rise in childhood obesity.

Fifty Gallons!? Fifty Gallons?! Okay, that’s only 1.5 cans of soda a day, per person. The problem, however, is there are plenty of people, myself and the majority of my friends included, don’t drink any soda. So whoever is drinking the stuff is consuming way more than 1.5 cans.*

*This is all anecdotal, but probably true.**

** There’s no way to know if that is true.***

***Okay, there is, but I don’t have the time or money to do it, so, whatever.

Part of me thinks the idea of a another tax on something like this is unconstitutional, or at least not in the spirit of America. Then again, it seems people are too stupid to do what is good for them, and a nation is only healthy when its populous is healthy.

Just as  disturbing as the previous quote.

sugared beverages are the No. 1 source of calories in the American diet, representing 7 percent of the average person’s caloric intake, according to government surveys, and up to 10 percent for children and teenagers

I could go off on a localism rant here, if you have to produce soda, or rely on your neighbor, you are going to be drinking a lot less than 1.5 cans a day, but I won’t because I’ve got a lunch date.

  1. Patrick said:

    We all know of a certain statehouse reporter whose soda consumption rivals that of a small African nation. I hope he sees the light before his health fails.

    Is it weird that I grew up saying “pop” and now say “soda”?

    Also, I refuse to put my question marks inside the quotation marks unless it’s actually a quote. AP Style be damned.

  2. Kraig Koch said:

    First of all, comparing soda to tobacco is absolutely ludicrous. We all know that smoking tobacco makes you look wayyy cooler thank drinking soda.

    Secondly (and in light of the first point), I think we should tax the hell out of that sugary devil’s juice. If James Dean wannabes have to pay more to look cool then why in the hell shouldn’t fat kids have to pay more to be overweight? Just sayin …

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