A man of constant sorrow

I trust by now you haven’t come to expect anything resembling a pattern or overarching theme on this site, aside from deranged anger and inappropriate rapture. Okay, I just wanted to use some fun adjectives there. Busted.

Regardless. This blog will never be more than a place for me put what I deem important thoughts into words. What I consider an important thought is another topic for debate. Not one to be had here, rather we’d need some Kentucky Bourbon and a dimly lit room with several deadbolts that locked from the outside to get to the heart of that matter.

All that out of the way, I think you should see this. It’s amazing what kind of instrument Ralph Stanley has in his voice. If you don’t experience some kind of emotion during his rendition of “Amazing Grace” you should probably just give up on trying to feel feelings anymore.

Also, look at that purple shirt. The man knows how to dress.

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