Planting seeds of knowledge

I’m a religious person, a Christian to be specific. I’m not a Bible-thumping Baptist or a sacrament seeking Catholic, but I believe in the Bible as a holy text and Jesus Christ as my God.

I don’t pray as much as I’d like to, and think I need to read the book that I try to live by more often. I believe that everything that is good in my life is a gift from God, and even some of the trials and tribulations come from him.

All that to try and explain my commitment to sustainable agriculture, and more broadly, an attraction to conservationism. The Earth isn’t ours. It’s a gift that was entrusted to us, and we have done an absolutely horrendous job caring for it. We destroy the landscape with little regard for the impact it will have, we mutate the animals so they are no longer animals, but biological machines.

I try to do my part to avoid participating in this culture of abuse. I drive as little as possible, I try to buy responsibly, and I attempt to be informed. It doesn’t always work, but I feel better knowing that at least I’m making an attempt.

That is why I’m going to be renting a small slice of land (30 ft square) to do some gardening this summer. I know, this doesn’t tie into the broader view of treating the land as an organism, but at least I’ll know what went into my vegetables and the ground in which they were raised. I’m excited and a little intimidated by this project. I’ve always helped my dad and mom with their garden, but this will be my first. I plan some simple crops: tomatoes, potatoes, snap beans, lima beans, beets, greens, sweet corn and herbs. I figure some of that will have to translate into edible food. I’ll keep you updated on how this goes, pictures and all.

I have to add that this isn’t my idea. I was inspired by Patrick Yeagle. Hopefully he’ll start blogging about his garden and we can compare note, or maybe he could be a guest blogger here, we’ll see. If anyone else is doing something similar, let me know in the comments section.

ALSO: Check this out, a cool concept for bringing the community together.

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  1. Patrick said:

    Heck yes! We’re are the future!

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