Problems in paradise?

Jersey Shore, what a joke. American Idol, ugh. TMZ, shoot me. I absolutely hate the afore mentioned entertainment, not because I don’t like mindless entertainment. I regularly watch Community and other pretty mindless stuff. What I lament is that those first thing either get headlines or are people’s news source. 

That’s why things like THIS get ignored. Who cares that the people we give power and trust are racing towards something resembling a police state in a crappy Kevin Costner Sci-Fi movie. It feels like we’re all part of some bastard child of a drunken night of sex between George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. We are numbed by mindless entertainment while taught to believe double talk like “war is peace.” Who cars about war as long as I got my stories, am I right? 

That’s why I feel driven towards nihilism, no matter how exhausting it is or how much I WANT to care. Man this is some heavy stuff. Way to heavy to be thinking about on a Spring day, but it is storming and there are threats of tornadoes from the skies. Lets hope the thunder will alert people up to what is happening, though it seems like the televisions might be blaring to loudly for it to get through. 

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