Attention deficit … man it looks nice out

We’re all responsible for our own actions. Someone said that once, I think. Or maybe I just like to make stuff up. Actually, I know enjoy making things up, but that doesn’t mean that someone else didn’t say it. I have a very Dude like tendency to absorb what I read and hear and see and regurgitate it in some queer and often unintelligible mix. Which leads me to my next point. The original point of this post: Attention Deficit Disorder. 

I’ve got it. I think. Most people who are around me on a fairly regular basis would probably agree. I’d like to blame the Internet, but it started long before I spent my days in front of a computer. During my Algebra II calls in high school I would regularly get bored and just start reading my latest thriller from the library. Or write stupid little programs on my Ti-83 Texas Instruments graphics calculator. Or graph perfectly round, symmetrical boobs, one step above the stuff you could see in the original Duke Nukem game. I wouldn’t go down these paths because I didn’t like math, I did and still do. Numbers give me great comfort, but that’s for a different post. I just had difficultly focusing on one thing for 45 minutes. 

Now, with the click of a mouse I can go to and look at a bunch of funny pictures or memes. Or I can go to twitter and read 140 characters or less about state government, new literature, or Mike Riopell’s latest craig’s list encounter. 

So I find my ADD, though Jamey would say I also have the hyper dimension of ADHD, kicking in and distracting me. Too many tabs on my browser, too much stuff to take in. 

So how do I fix that? Hell if I know. Don’t you think I would have done that already. I often make big pronouncements and declarations that are, admittedly dramatic. Hyperbole if you want to be scholarly about it. So here it goes.

No more Reddit, period. I don’t really gain anything from that aside from a minute squirt of dopamine. I’m going to try and limit the number of tabs I have open on Google Chrome. And I’m going to finish any article I start reading, no matter whether I think it is contrived, boring, or whatever. I figure that training myself to give my full attention to one thing until it is completed will definitely help my lack of focus. 

I’ll give an update in a week or so, hopefully it will be a little bit more concise than this. 

— Dictated but not read

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