Death from above

Apparently the whole world is all about the end of the current space era. Nine years out and the AFP is already writing about how the International Space Station is going to meet its end.

Image via NASA

If you know what Mir was, you can already venture a guess. If you don’t, well let’s just say the ISS will go from a virtual vacuum to having the pressure of the world’s oceans crushing it. That’s right, their going to sink the thing. 

If the downing of the Russian Mir was any indicator, at least the ISS will going out in a ball of glory. And by glory I mean flames. 

Image via Wired.

That will be a great day for those with telescopes. I’m definitely going to be mooching on my dad to watch that piece of history die.

My question is who is ballsy and savvy enough to find out where the ISS will hit water at and be there to gather scraps to sell? Me? No, I don’t have the technology. 

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