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I experimented with canning that requires more than stirring stuff and freezing it. I had half a peck of some ripe peaches. The fragrance that comes off ripe peaches is just as intoxicating as the finest bourbon. So I cut X’s into the bottom of them and stuck most of the lot in boiling water (expect for a few to eat raw. No point in saving this summery goodness for the winter without experiencing it in the here and now).

Peeling the skins of peaches is just as easy as doing it to tomatoes. I cut up the freshly naked peaches, crushed them up in a pot, added a cup of sugar, some pectin, and lemon juice and boiled that mixture down. Oh yeah, I also added cinnamon, because it’s delicious. 

All of this made enough food to fit in two pint jars. I boiled them in the most manly kitchen machinery I have, and then let them dry. All went well, no lids were blown, et cetera. 

But now I’m reading a bunch of recipes and it turns out I should have added the lemon juice to the bottom of the jars. And I forgot to swap the insides of the jars with a rubber spatula to get out any air bubbles. So a solid C effort. I guess that just means that Jamey and I will be eating peach preserves sooner rather than later. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to buy more at the next farmers’ market and do it over again. 

On a side note, these latest entries are a far cry from the usual tantrum I go on in blogs. I like it. Food is the great pacifier. 

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