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It’s hard to believe that O Brother, Where Art Thou? is 10 years old. Like nearly every other Coen Brother movie, its filled with memorable scenes full of poetic, fast-moving dialogue. 

But this movie, more than any other of the Coen’s, has a stellar soundtrack, in fact I’d say that the soundtrack is better than the movie. I still listen to it on a regular basis. It’s what got me into old-timey and bluegrass music, and just like weed, one puff of that sweet banjo and yodeling from the title track and I moved onto the crack-cocaine of Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley (Stanley, if you didn’t know, is actually on the soundtrack. He’s the one who does the haunting A Capella song about death). 

All that to say that they’ve come out with a clever marketing scheme that the Coen’s seem to like to follow with their successful projects — a 10-year re-release with new material. (Example: Big Lebowski) I’m not sure if it’s worth picking up, maybe I’ll just download the new tracks off of iTunes. 

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