In 1999 I was in eighth grade. I was a chubby geek who liked to read about conspiracies and watch sci-fi. I obviously was worried about the devastation that would follow the collapse of society because of Y2K. My parents less so. I took it as my responsibility to save canned beans, fill old gallon jugs with water, and other basic survival supplies. As we all know, that New Years eve was unfortunately uneventful. Those cans of beans sat on shelves in the basement until my dad remodel it after I left for college.

That crisis that never happened ruined the public’s ability to be whipped into a mass hysteria. Well maybe not, the cleared shelves in D.C. and N.Y.C. in the days before Irene being evident of our tendency to panic and become temporary hoarders.

This year there is something to add to the Christmas list of those dearest to you concerned about zombies or Skynet crashing the electrical grid: Pedal Power!*

Want to charge your iPod so you have a soundtrack while dispatching zombies? What to split logs so you have heat during those cold winters? Want to churn cat butter? You can do all of those and so much more with the Pedal Power. Plus it will keep you in shape so when you have to run from raiders or the undead, you won’t be short of breath.

*In true Internet and survivor fashion, I tried stealing the video from these guys, but I’m not code ninja, so just visit their site.

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