Sharpening your kitchen skills

For my birthday three years ago I asked for and got a Henckels chef’s knife. It’s a thing of beauty. If you’ve ever used a hand-me-down knife dulled by years of use in your parent’s kitchen, you know the struggle it is to cut cleaning through a yam or some other root vegetable. If you don’t, you have no idea what delicious flavors you’re missing. Switching to a new, semi-nice knife is like changing gears on a bike that you’ve been riding uphill for a while, all the sudden everything is easier and you wonder why the hell you were so stubborn in the first place.

But just having the sharp, shiny new knife is half the battle, knowing how to wield it is just as important.

Lifehacker had a decent post about that very topic today, including several videos. Here’s Jamie Oliver for the PG crowd, or Anthony Bourdain for the R crowd. Honestly, both are useful, it’s just that Bourdain is so entertaining.


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