Labor Day Weekend Question

Labor Day weekend is upon us. A time to appreciate the workers that make Weber Grills and charcoal. It’s a time to honor the skills of the farmer and butcher that provide us with meat to place upon the grill and the flame of the charcoal.

My wife and I plan on celebrating the weekend by working. We’re getting moved into a new apartment, which means smiling faces and sore backs.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Share recipes, schedules, timelines, anything really, just as long as you comment.

  1. You guys are moving? Where to? I expect pictures and funny moving anecdotes to be the next post 🙂

    Labor Day plans: Girl Talk concert. Biking. Picnic. Possible backpacking adventure.


    I’m supremely jealous of your garden. What’s all in the ground? You must be harvesting like crazy this time of year!

    • Andrew Thomason said:

      The only thing in the garden right now are rouge tomato plants. We won’t get the chance to plant anything of our own until next spring. I’ve always wanted to see Girl Talk in concert. It seems like if hip-hop and rave cultures could have a love child, it would be Girl Talk. Hope all is going well in Aspen!

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