Did you know?

Do you know that the tomato is actually a fruit? Of course you did. Your uncle or know-it-all friend probably reminds you of that fact all to often when you’re eating a B.L.T.  But did you know the mighty pumpkin is a fruit? (Now it’s me being the know-it-all, but whatever, deal with it.)

That symbol of fall, the patron food of Halloween, is actually, a fruit, which makes sense considering it gets put into delicious pies and bread.

Another fun fact about our dear Jack-O-Lantern friends? They were once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites. Turns out that is no longer the case. Though I must admit that come the end of October, after I’ve downed some pumpkin pie* and maybe a bowl or two of pumpkin soup, I do have fewer freckles. I’m guessing that is just because what precious sun I get during the summer has all gone by then.

Illinois grows almost half a billion pumpkins annually, 90 percent of which are eaten**, not carved up, gutted and placed on stoops to be vandalized by punks at a later date.


*pumpkin pie, being that it’s like the third best pie out there, deserves its own post later in the year. Stay tuned.

**I don’t know which is correct there, eaten or ate. My mom would. Luckily she doesn’t proof read my rants/post/articles. Not for my sake, but for her’s.

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