I drink your cider, I drink it up!

As I strutted around the farmers’ market today with my wife, I noticed two things. The first was that all the vendors were wearing long sleeves, some even sported stocking caps. The second, was that a new crop at a lot of their booths. Apples!

I don’t like eating apples raw that much. They get stuck in your teeth and the texture isn’t my favorite, but add some heat to those tree fruits and you’ve got fall magic. I made apple sauce once last year, but this year I’m planning on make at least a couple of pints, or maybe some apple butter, either way, it’ll be full of fall. The secret to making the best apple product is bourbon. It adds a nice smokey, vanilla flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. THIS seems like a pretty good base, but add a half a cup of bourbon and it becomes otherwordly delicious I’m sure.

Then again, add half a cup to anything, especially the empty glass sitting in front of me, and everything starts to get a warm glow and soft focus.

What I’d really like to do with apples is to crush them like the peons they are. I want them to scream “No!!” as I go all hulk on them and extrapolate their sweet, sweet juices. I love cider, I love warm cider, and I love homemade hard cider. But I need a cider (or grape) press and a few other ins and outs to do that. I want to build my own, but I neither have the time nor the cash to do that right now. So put it on the drawing board for next summer. Also, if you make cider, will you give me some? I’ll trade you some peach preserves, or a smile, just like McDonalds, only without the dead-eyes that a minimum wage job gives you.

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