If you don’t like my peaches, don’t you shake my tree

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know that I enjoy farmers’ markets. It’s the confluence of local businesses, delicious food and consumers pouring money back into the local economy. That fresh produce is worth it, but it ain’t cheap. That’s why come fall I want to find apple trees to plunder. People never pick all of them and instead of rotting on the ground, they could be fattening me up for the winter via apple butter, apple sauce, apple pies (with a slice of cheddar cheese on top, don’t doubt or nay-say it until you’ve tried it. Seriously.) and apple stuffed pork loins.

I put out the word via Facebook and that old social network known as talking to friends that I was looking for apples, free ones. Turns out there are a few spots that might be available, and if they are I’m definitely going to add them on Neighborhood Fruit.

That nifty website lets you plot where the fruit trees are in your neighborhood, whether they’re public domain, or whether there’s someone nice enough to share their crop. If only we had a few trees to mark up for Springfield, we could make some kind of horseshoe that incorporates apples. I’m thinking whole grain toast with slices of a baked apple, hash browns and cheddar cheese. I’m not even joking about mixing cheddar cheese with apples. It’s fantastic. Once you try it you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it since you discovered apples.

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