Fall gardening

Saturday, late afternoon, I was messing around with a new macro lens setup I’ve got on my camera. There are these great chocolate cherry tomatoes that the former tenants of the garden planted, but never cared for. I was snapping pictures of these fruits, and decided to walk down to the garden and get some images of them hanging on the vine and got inspired.

There were so many green tomatoes, and the weather looked to be such that I could get at least two weeks worth of the guys, that I decided to do a little gardening. In all, I staked 4 of the 5 plants. One was so overgrown that it will just have to live on the ground. I also found a yellow cherry tomato plant that I’d missed doing my initial scan of the garden. It got staked, too. Getting down in the dirty and actually doing some gardening, however small it may be, was thoroughly enjoyable and makes me look forward to the spring.

The tomatoes are in the jar on the right in a half vinegar, half water mixture. There’s also some basil and spices in with them.

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