Drowning our sorrows in pumpkin

First, a thank you. To whoever took the time to go back over the months of recent blog posts here and get caught up, thanks for giving me a record day of visits, and welcome to the strange world of my head.

Next, to expound on yesterday’s post about the shrinking middle class. As you know, I like to tie things back to agriculture. We as a country are spending less and less of our incomes on stuff like food, and more and more on stuff like Gap t-shirts or a new alarm clock every year. That’s good right? Yesish. Cheaper food means those who would otherwise be hungry are satiated. Only the worst social Darwinist would argue that isn’t a good thing. But while how much comes out of your wallet for just food might be down, there are hidden costs.

Consider the ever-increasing cost of health care, part of that can be correlated to the need to treat health problems related to the ever-expanding obesity rate.  Guess what, the health care industry and your insurance provider, if you’re lucky enough to have insurance, ain’t just absorbing those costs, they’re passing them on to you.

Another fact from those Census numbers released yesterday:

  • The number of people without health insurance coverage rose from 49.0 million in 2009 to 49.9 million in 2010, while the percentage without coverage −16.3 percent – was not statistically different from the rate in 2009.

So more people are left without a way to cope with ridiculously high medical bills, again, a good chunk of which are related to obesity and poor eating habits, bringing us to your garden.

Teach people to grow their own food and generally they will eat much healthier. Give them the pleasure of raising their own food, and they will relish in preparing and eating it, or at least someone in their family will. That doesn’t even get into the cost savings that our shrinking middle class is seeking that comes from raising and preserving your own food. Or that fact that you can prevent huge outbreaks of tainted food when you have more than six companies providing the overwhelming majority of the country’s meat.

Thirdly, for something fun.

After going off on saving money and the shrinking middle class and yada yada yada yesterday, I went grocery shopping for the items my wife and I can’t pick up at the local farmers’ market. I saw Schlafly Pumpkin Ale and freaked out a bit.

So I didn’t show much control over my wallet in this case, but it’s totally worth it, or not, whatever. These treats only come around once a year, are in very limited supply and are like drinking a pumpkin pie. Plus I have at least one friend coming around soon that I know will absolutely love each drop of one or two of these guys. Ahhh….fall, how I love you.

  1. Captain Redbeard said:

    That be fine grog, says I!

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