A green recession?

Twenty years ago I would have been publishing this on paper and mailing it to each subscriber. If you don’t think I would have gone to that trouble, there are several readers who can attest to my attempt at a mailer several summers ago.

If you’re not a hoarder of words on paper like I am, you would have likely pitched the newsletter and it would have eventually wound up in a landfill. The internet has certainly cut down on that waste, but according to Illinois Issues*, in recent years the economic downturn has helped Illinois be more green.

[O]ne industry expert said the recent dip in waste production could be an indicator of the state’s economic woes. “I think for the time being, we’re fine. The economy has not been booming, so we haven’t seen a big increase in waste production,” said David Hartke, president of the Illinois Counties Solid Waste Management Association. Hartke noted that the amount of waste going into landfills has dropped every year since 2006, and he said it is directly related to residents’ levels of consumption.

Less waste means less landfills means more undisturbed land, which is always a good thing. If the land is able to dodge the bastardization known as suburbia, it could even be used for agricultural, MAYBE even sustainable agriculture.

Even if that’s not the case, people being more conscious about what they buy and what they pitch is always a good thing.

*The blog was written by my wife, Jamey Dunn-Thomason. Nepotism? Nope, just a link to an interesting article.

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