Loving high on the hog

I got married, again, this weekend to my wife. It wasn’t a renewal of vows, or our anniversary. We first got married this summer in Carle hospital in an amazing and intimate ceremony. It wasn’t what we planned, but it was still great. What we planned happened this weekend at Hill Prairie Winery 30 miles north of Springfield

The wine was decent, the weather was good, and the ceremony and following celebration were better than I could have imagined. After Jamey and I exchanged vows and posed for pictures, we got to scarf down some pig. After this feast, eating pork any other way is going to be hard.

The smokey, fatty flavor soaked into each piece of meat was delicious. The sauce was good too, and all to easy to drown the pork in. Everyone seemed to really like Hickory River’s production, and they were great to work with. Beyond the centerpiece there was cornbread, scalloped potatoes and green beans.

For dessert we had 16 dozen cupcakes from Cafe Moxo. My personal favorite was the PB & J.

We also had Pumpkin, Apple Spice and Chocolate Bombe. All were good.

Now we face the great problem of eating the leftovers. Forget diets, forget calories, forget waistlines. We’ve been feasting on some combination of pork, cornbread and cupcakes in every meal since. We’ve frozen 15 pounds of pork and I’m not sure how much cornbread. We’re thinking about combing the two for cornbread dressing.

What we don’t eat we’ll try a give away. If you are in Springfield let me know if you enjoy cupcakes or Hersey Kisses and I’ll try to hook you up.

Be on the lookout for posts brought to you by our array of wedding gifts.

*Thanks to Monique Garcia and Raw Sugar Photography for the pics.

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