Enemies of decency

We’ve been experimenting with composting. Next to our regular garbage can sits a squat aluminum can with a lid that houses coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable scrapes and egg shells. Usually it gets emptied quickly. The hectic schedule and build up to the wedding caused that to not happen. I opened it up and out flew a hoard of fruit flies. Those flying periods do nothing but annoy me.

According to the New York Times, those jerks come already in your fruit.

Most fruits spend at least some time in a packinghouse or holding facility before being distributed to stores, he said, and these places typically have populations of fruit flies looking for places to lay eggs. Softer-skinned fruits like bananas and peaches are particularly susceptible. On the counter in a warm kitchen, the eggs rapidly hatch and the larvae develop into adults. The period from egg to fly can be as short as 11 to 12 days.

Admittedly that made my stomach move in a bad way. But whatever, I can handle some extra protein. What I can’t stand is those punks flying in my kitchen. Considering the shot in a 12 gauge probably would miss the little buggers, I decided to make a trap. I did the obligatory googling and decided to guillotine a liter soda bottle. I cut small hole, about 1/8 inch, in the lid. I then cut up some fruit, tossed it in the bottom of the bottle, flipped the recently severed head and stuck it in so it was resting on the rim of the bottom half. I glued the whole contraption together and within a few days most of the flies had found a new home and future grave in my trap.

It looks something like this:

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