A harvest without a Mexican

There’s a movie out there called “A day without a Mexican.” It shows how dependent California, and really the rest of the country, is on Latino immigrants, legal and otherwise.

Obviously there wasn’t a ton of money spent on the project, and its execution was not done … well. Still, it at least tried to highlight how many physical labor jobs there are in this country and the fact that there aren’t a lot of Americans, especially ones of the Caucasian hue, that are willing to do those jobs.

Enter the New York Times. An article from yesterday’s paper highlights a real problem for farmers, a lack of workers.

Despite having crushing unemployment, people still turn down decent paying jobs because they’re too tough. I’m not going to do the “toughen up” speech or anything like that. I’m more or less a keyboard jockey so I can’t cast stones. I’m just saying that it’s unfortunate that we can’t find people to work these farms from the U.S. It’s just as much a matter of food sovereignty as it is anything else to have a labor force willing to get dirty in our fields to bring us food.

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