Occu Pie!

I’ve got some really neat stuff in the hopper about cider, fermentation and the history of beer in central Illinois. Stay tuned! For now, here’s a few neat articles from around the Internet. Enjoy!

The New York Times has an article about immigrants using farming as a way to be successful in America. The article itself is a bunch of vignettes of these people, which doesn’t give you a coherent story line from start to finish, but it does illustrate how diverse this nation is and how food (and music) is such a healing and unifying subject for humans. If you want further proof of that just look at how important food is in major religions.

The other national paper of record, the Washington Post, has an interesting read about food safety and the complexity of reporting food borne illnesses in a global food trade. Another reason to buy local.

On the kind of lighter side of things, it seems the people with Occupy Wall Street are eating fairly well, keeping up their strength in their ongoing protest. GOOD, which you should check out no matter what,talks about the effort to feed the masses. It’s hokey at times, (there’s someone who’s written about the ‘countercuisine’?) but interesting none the less. Local businesses seem to be doing fairly well thanks to the protesters, one pizza joint even named a $15 special the Occu Pie. Ha!

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