Oatmeal for dinner?

Of course! My wife is well aware of my love for oatmeal, and accepts it for what it is.

I discovered the magic of oatmeal in college. It was a quick meal that kept me full for a few hours. But I quickly moved from eating instant oatmeal packs to cooking my own oats on the stove. (I still use the microwave on occasion. It’s quicker and there’s no pot left to clean.) A coworker in college introduced the genius idea of putting peanut butter in oatmeal, turning that cereal into a super-food. A few weeks after that discovery I had the idea of putting grape jelly in oatmeal with peanut butter, creating a PB&J oatmeal breakfast.

I’ve never looked back.

Since that odd paring I’ve mixed in crumbled sausages, bacon, apple juice, and a host of over things.

This article from the rarely updated and quick to repost Chow blog is full of a universe of ideas I’ve never even come close too. Broccoli and cheese? Yes! Chicken and eggs? Of course.

From chow.com

My mind is racing with other ideas, and I’m sure my wonderful wife will smile at my creations, but will likely pass on a taste of mozzarella, anchovies and oatmeal cooked in chicken broth, or maybe not.

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