Brewin cider

I’ve found out that trying to make good booze takes a lot of effort. First of all you are dealing with yeast. Yeast is like having a very delicate pet. You have to feed and treat it just right or it dies on you. Everything I read said that my cider would be bubbling with carbon dioxide feverishly for at least a week. It has petered out after three days. Okay, I said, no big deal. It’s time to rack it. That’s brewing speak for move the stuff from one jug to another, leaving behind this gunk.

It smelled pretty good, kind of like bread rising, despite its oozing appearance. That makes sense because it’s just the leftover yeast. Now, once again, we play the waiting game. This “second fermentation” will last one to two weeks. Afterwards I’ll put the stuff in bottles or another big jar and let it sit again, this time until Thanksgiving.

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