Brewing coffee three ways from Sunday

The smell of coffee is intoxicating in the same way garlic cooking in olive oil is. It’s just as pungent too. Whether the stuff you’re smelling tastes any good is a whole different matter.

Coffee geeks all have the perfect way to make and drink coffee. They’re worse than wine snobs because generally wine snobs are like comic book geeks, they’re collectors who like having rarities. They’re not making the stuff.

With coffee geeks they’ll not only prescribe to you the best beans to use, but how to grind them (you have to use whole beans, otherwise you might as well be drinking motor oil), what device to use to brew them, even specially insulated cups to drink the coffee from so as not to let its temperature drop too much.

Some of these tenants are good, but I enjoy a microwaved cup of coffee that was brewed a few hours ago just as much as I enjoy an espresso from the coffee shop, just in different ways.

That’s not to say I haven’t, on occasion, bought into the geekthink. I bought a french press.

It makes great coffee. It’s richer and more complex than what you get from the best standard brewers. A lot of what I’ve read says that because you don’t use a paper filter, some of the coffee oils that you wouldn’t normally get make their way into your drink.

(Another tip on those paper filters: rinse them with water before you use them. This is supposed to take away lingering particles and other nasties that can ruin your coffee’s flavor)

The newest gadget to join our kitchen is something called a vac pot and it is magical. Its magic isn’t so much in the flavor of the coffee, but in how it makes it. Just watch.

Pretty amazing. It’s my “show” coffee piece. In fact, after watching the thing work with just water, then showing it to my wife, I rushed to get our neighbor yesterday to show him too.



1 comment
  1. Patrick said:

    It was pretty darn good coffee, and I don’t even drink the stuff. I laid awake most of the night hopped up on caffeine, but that’s another story.

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