Pumpkin cornbread and an apology

I know I did the cardinal sin of blogging — a string of days without a post. My bad, but things got real at work last week and it was all I could do to find time to sleep and eat. Until you convince enough of your family and friends to start visiting here so I can generate ad revenue, my paying job is going to come first. There are some really cool things coming this week. A few posts about my intrepid neighbor and great friend brewing his first batch of Old Man Thomason’s Red Ale. Pictures of old kitchen literature. Talk about the frustrations of turning over a garden by hand and a few other things.

For now, a quick story about pumpkin cornbread. I made pumpkin cornbread. I used a recipe from the New York Times that was supposed to be healthy. It didn’t use lard. The cornbread suffered because of that. But it was good dunked in chili, the saving grace of any cornbread.

1 comment
  1. Patrick said:

    Speaking of your intrepid neighbor, it’s almost time to rack the beer!

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