Deadly number 82, or how I learned to worry about Lead

Root Simple, a blog I follow, recently had a whole series about Lead. Turns out, they may or may not have Lead in their garden. Ambiguous, I know, but it got me thinking. The garden Jamey and I are going to grow in next spring is on an empty lot. That’s great because it’s a pretty big garden. The downside: when they demolished the house there, they just pushed it into the ground and covered it up.

Our landlord told me he’s had top soil brought in. I’m still worried about the possibility of Lead. Beyond having old house under the ground, the garden is on the corner of two very busy streets. Apparently, lots of traffic can increase your Lead levels too.

So now I’m questing for a place to have our soil tested for Lead and other heavy metals. It’s been tough. So far I haven’t been able to find a place that will do it. Everyone wants to test my soil and tell me how much Potassium or Nitrogen I need to add, but no one is willing to test a garden sample for Lead.

I’m going to call the local ag extension office, and hope they can put me in touch with someone. After all, we don’t want to put the work into a great garden that in the end kills us. That’s kind of the opposite idea in trying to grow a lot of our own food.

  1. Jamey said:

    Thanks for working so hard to keep us safe. We will figure this out. I love you!

  2. Andrew Thomason said:


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