Is 5 o’clock here yet?

We’re heading towards the weekend. Plenty of time to experiment cooking dishes that take longer, turn over your garden before the ground freezes and do some reading. I’ve got a week’s worth of links for you to peruse during your down time.

The lost art of buying from a butcher. An interesting piece by NYTimes about people wanting a butcher to talk to instead of just plastic-wrapped meat on top of styrofoam.

Fatty foods addictive like cocaine. A growing body of research (ha!) says that fatty, salty processed foods elicit the same response as addictive drugs in the brain.

Don’t ditch that grain! Via Jamey, what to do with your grains after you use it to brew your next batch of beer. (Hint, the answer is cook with them.)

How low-fat foods get their texture. Chemicals! Albeit chemicals generally derived from plants.

Eco friendly, microbial home. Again, via Jamey. A high-concept look at making your home a mostly self-contained system. Very cool.

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