Weekend Soup and $4.8 billion

Hope all of your weekends were full of lounging and eating — just like the old Romans, minus the peacock feathers.

Here at the McArthur Manor our days were full of painting and soup, potato and leek soup.

The basic recipe is a few leeks and cloves of garlic cut up and sautéed, then throw in some broth and chopped up potatoes. Salt, sage and a little ground up pepper. Let that boil for a while, then I used our immersion blender to  blend everything. You could also move the stuff to a regular blender and back to the pot. Next we added some frozen pork we defrosted that was leftover from the wedding. It cooked for another 10 minutes like that. Pretty easy, pretty delicious.

The keen eye will notice there are mushrooms in that second picture. It’s because we had 3 mushrooms that needed used, so why not?

That’s the beauty of soup. It’s so easy to make and so hard to mess up. That, and it allows for almost limitless experimentation. Oh yeah, it’s pretty quick too.

On a food related note, the AP is reporting that locally grown food was a $4.8 billion economy in 2008, and is set to hit the $7 billion mark this year. Go local food!

Seeing local economies, especially food economies, grow means people are actually meeting the people who make their stuff, a point that is especially important when talking about food.

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