Peanut Butter Porter … Bread?

It’s been forever. I know. My wife got me three awesome, new books that have once again got me interested in the kitchen (more on those books in the coming days). Not that I’ve stopped being interested in food since Nov. 29, but I haven’t done a lot of experimenting. So, staring at the box from Brooklyn Brew Shop containing the makings of a gallon of Peanut Butter Porter Saturday morning, I decided to brew. (FOR VISUAL LEARNERS, SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH AND GO STRAIT TO THE PICTURES, BUT I WILL JUDGE YOU FOR SUCH ACTION.)

I’ve brewed beer once before, that time with my good friend Pat. We made a 5-gallon batch of Old Man Thomason’s Red Ale™. It turned out delicious. We made it with a method that uses extract malt sugars. I went back to the basics and used a full grain method, something that seems like it would be a tremendous pain to do for a 5-gallon batch given the equipment we have. You see, the all-grain method involves a lot of, well, grains. I see why beer has been labeled liquid bread. So after the brewing process, which, while time-consuming, went smoothly, I had a bunch of used grains leftover. Instead of throwing them away, I grabbed my dehydrator and dried them out. I made a sponge for bread, let it sit over night, then backed up a few loaves of spent-grain goodness.

  1. Jaimie said:

    Do you have a recipe for this? I make dog biscuits and that only uses 2 cups of grains. Tried cookies but too grainy.

    • Andrew Thomason said:

      I don’t have the recipe. Sorry. Yeah, the spent grains wouldn’t really work for cookies because, as you noticed, they give a rougher texture. I’d say use about 1/2 a cup per loaf of bread. If you do your own pizza crust 1/3 of a cup adds some nice crunch, too.

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