Whiskey for horrible people.

There’s a great post, though several months old, about a new whiskey called Kansas Clean Distilled. The basic premise of the drink is that it’s whiskey for the youth, not some stuffy square in a suit. Apparently the man behind this got the idea from his wife who told him, while on vacation, that whiskey was for old men and uncool. As the columnist points out:

You literally chose the coolest liquor in the world to insult. And guess what? Whiskey doesn’t care. That’s what makes it cool. The only other liquor that’s anywhere near as cool is Tequila. But Tequila’s always been too crazy to really be cool. Tequila will cut you for looking at its woman, then laugh while the cops drag it off to jail, and spit at you during the trial. And trust me you don’t want to pick on Vodka either. Dude doesn’t have much of a personality, but I swear he goes to the gym twice a day. You want the nerd of the liquor crew? Try Gin. You can give Gin an atomic wedgie and the worst it’ll do is scream that his daddy will have you banned from the yacht club. But insulting whiskey says far more about you and your own insecurities than it does about the quintessential American spirit.

The stuff is obviously marketed to the youth by someone who doesn’t know anyone under 40. (No offense to people over 40, you’re cool. I like you a lot. But I like you because you’re comfortable in your own skin, not because you are trying to keep up with the latest trends 20-somethings are buying into.) There’s even a section on the website that describes the font used on the bottle. Who cares!? I don’t care that you used Avino Sans Bold. What I, and anyone else who drinks whiskey (and Bourbon) really cares about is taste. You can’t drink a font.

Kansas is a new whiskey for new whiskey drinkers

Indeed, those are the only people you could get to buy your product, or have their sister that’s in college buy them a bottle.

HT Patrick Y. for the post.

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  1. Patricio said:

    If I were going to design something specifically to be “cool,” the last name I’d choose would be “Kansas.” Perhaps the only less-cool state is Iowa, which smells like pigs and wants Rick Santorum to be president.

    And as any edit nerd or graphic designer will tell you, “It’s a typeface, not a font!”

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