Too much sugar

The project that set me off blogging again was brewing a gallon of peanut butter beer. Opened a bottle the other day and it was like I struck oil in my friends kitchen. The beer shot out of the bottle and I was left dumbfounded. I hadn’t shaken the bottle or anything. What I did, was put too much priming sugar in the mix. Usually the sugar would give your beer a niceĀ carbonation. Over prime it too much and your bottles might explode. I didn’t do that, but as you can see below, you an’t exactly open one of these in the middle of a party.

Post Script:

Despite the volcano-like effect, the beer is still pretty delicious.

  1. Patricio said:

    Top drawer, old bean!

  2. Brad said:

    I’ve had the same thing happen! (I can’t gift anyone an IPA now.) My fix is to be super careful and slowly open with a bottle opener, immediately pour half of it it into a large, and wait five minutes before drinking that half before pouring/drinking the other half.

    Our new beer mess: when bottling on Sunday, our bottling wand kept sloping out of the tube. Spilled everywhere. I was too dumbfounded to remember that I could shut off the valve on our bottling bucket.

  3. Patricio said:

    Oh no! The thought of delicious beer hitting the ground makes me shudder.

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