Curing the nightmare blues

I’m not sure if it was the title for yesterday’s post, my most recent purchase, or whether I’m truly obsessed, but I dreamed about cookbooks last night. I dreamed that someone was trying to take and ruin my favorite cookbook. That should be an offense punishable by a 10 year prison sentence. As should any book giving stealing. (Though the law would have the obvious exception that if you loan a person a  book, it is, under the blind eyes of the law, the same as giving the person the book.)


Out of my favorite cookbook came the recipe for cured salmon my wife and I tried. We’re total salmonfiles, and lox is so expensive that it just made sense to craft the cured fish at home. It worked amazingly, and we’ve done it a few times since.

This past week I tried a slightly different recipe, and had just as good of results. Though honestly, next time I will likely frankenstein the two recipes to create a better one. (Anyone who ever does anything in the kitchen usually thinks they can improve on a better cook’s recipe, don’t they. Bunch of horses asses, thinking they know better, not knowing the many failures it took to get that recipe they used perfect. #sarcasm Are hashtags acceptable outside of twitter? Or does it just make me look like I’m trying too hard? Weigh in in the comments section!)

Unlike the original cured salmon recipe, this one uses no dill nor booze. It’s pretty simplistic.

All you need is salt, sugar, pepper and salmon. Plus a big glass bowl, a small glass bowl and some plastic wrap. That’s it. Five days later you’ve got some delicious cured salmon. 

  1. Patricio said:

    Okay, color me intrigued. I want to do this alongside you one time so I can see how it’s done first-hand. I’m not sure I trust myself to follow the directions properly. Sounds amazing, though.

  2. Jamey said:

    It is delicious! I ate the above pictured toast for breakfast.

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