Peanut Butter Gold

Something I’ve failed at on here is talking about, or really even mentioning, my favorite preserved food in a jar. So without any further ado, I give you peanut butter!

That’s not just any peanut butter. It’s the most expensive peanut butter I’ve ever eaten. The amber paste comes from Big Spoon Roasters in North Carolina. As you can see, its ingredients are pretty minimal, though more than the Smucker’s All Natural stuff I usually eat. It could have been the $14, including shipping, I paid or the addition of sweetness that I’m normally missing via Smucker’s, but I have to say this is the best peanut butter I’ve had, ever.

It wasn’t velvety smooth, but it wasn’t chunky, it was more of a coarse texture. Most of it got consumed by me standing over the jar with a spoon, though some did make it into my oatmeal.

I wish I had saved some to cook with, whip up a peanut sauce for some Thai inspired dish, but it was too delicious to save, and I’m too impulsive. Big Spoon has 3 other butters that I’d love to try, but their costs, plus shipping, are a little prohibitive for me. Maybe if I make it to North Carolina.

  1. Patricio said:

    The Peanut Almond one sounds delicious.

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