Intro to Gardening

This year is the first year that we are trying to garden. I tried making a self-watering contraption two years ago that resulted in the most expensive tomato I’ve ever had. I’m going to starting doing a weekly post hear about the triumphs and pitfalls we encounter gardening. Let’s kick it off with a failure.

I turned over about 1/6 of the garden last fall. That are is smooth and ready to plant, save for the stray weeds. The rest has now sprouted some form of grass and turning it over has been a monumental undertaking. I’ve put about 10 hours of work into it and have just 1/6 of the garden to go. I also have the blisters to prove it.

But Drew, what about using a tiller. We’ll dear reader, we have a friend with a tiller, and a we have a friend with a truck, but so far the twain have not meet due to scheduling, work, et cetera.

So the lesson to learn here, is that doing some work in the fall in the garden saves you a tone of work, sore muscles and blisters in the spring.

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