Moroccan stew

There’s an ingredient in the above picture from a previous post. Can you guess what it is? Wrong. Seriously, there’s no way you could have guessed it unless you’re full of dumb luck. Want to know what it is? Preserved lemons! (Here’s the post on how to make those delicious treats).

The recipe is a really simple, Moroccan inspired stew from

The basic ingredients are beets, radishes, squash and garbonzo beans. Mix those with cumin, coriander and preserved lemons and that’s about it. It is actually really delicious. I used more preserved lemons than they recommended, which gave the dish a really nice citrus tang. I also added plain yogurt, which they didn’t have, because it adds a nice creaminess. Also, there’s no raisins in my dish, not because I didn’t want them, I just forgot to pick them up at the store. My bad.

I’m on the lookout for other ways to use my preserved lemons. I’m thinking chicken with a garlic, ginger and preserved lemon crust. I’ll keep you updated.

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