Link it: A new steak?

Apparently there’s a cut of cow that’s never been used for a steak, at least not in modern memory. It’s a small cut from the shoulder that’s super tender, if the marketing materials are to be believed. From

There’s nothing else quite like steak and it epitomizes the pleasure of eating beef. That’s what prompted a meat scientist, a chef and a university to team up to find a new steak, saving an undervalued muscle from the fate of the grinder and moving it to a far more valuable place – the center of the plate.

Oklahoma State University helped develop the new cut, and is seeking a patent. From NPR.

“The patent actually claims the kind of knife strokes that you make in order to create this cut of meat,” Steve Prince of OSU told NPR. “You take this muscle, you make cuts here, here and here and you end up with this Vegas Strip Steak.”


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  1. Patricio said:

    I’m going to patent celery sticks. You cut them here, here and here, and you have these sticks of celery. That’s how this works, right?

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